My top four in South America….

July 25, 2011 § 11 Comments

I have chosen  four countries that  I will visit for my first trip to South America. Even thought I was born in Ecuador , I believe there is hidden places that I have never visit and explore so Ecuador is definitely my fist choice, follow by Brazil which is the biggest country in South America then   Argentina and   Chile will be my last. Each country differ from each other completely. I would start with my roots since I will feel more comfortable with a country i already know. Moreover, I will go to Brazil because I found Brazil culture  the most similar to my culture. On the other hand I find Chile and Argentina culture  closer to the European culture, I might be wrong but we will find out.

As mention before, I just finish school so my budget is not too high  so backpacking sounds like a pretty good and adventurous idea.  I found this great website where they give you tips to backpacking in South America. I just want you to follow carefully the instructions and remember that as any other country in the world there is dangerous places and horrible stories you must have  heard  however you should always  use your common sense in any situation. Before departing to your adventure be ready, make sure you have all your equipment ready. From your clothes to health insurance.

  Make a checklist of all the places you want to visit during your adventure. Focus and  concentrate on specific  goals of what would you like to learn and experience during your trip . Plan your time and money. Always bring extra money for any type of emergency . Do  your work and research , now a days we have so much information available in hand so take advantage of it and learn as much as possible before you start your trip.


South America

July 13, 2011 § 24 Comments

Why South America????

I was born in this amazing continent so I find South America one of the most interesting continents to visit .The diversity of their people and its culture makes South America even more interesting and inquisitive . In addition, the weather that the continent has to offer  which varies within each country  makes me want to experience all the beautiful places.  South America is a  continent full of different cultures. Each country has different adventures to offer. However, there is so much to see and so little time and money it is very  the hard  to choose which countries I want to visit. I must consider my budget,   the time I will be spending in each country but most important which one will enrich my knowledge and my spirit. There is so many choices I have to choose wisely.

South American in known as the 4th largest continent in the world  with 12 countries and three different territories. South America has a population of  379,500,000 . The diversity of the continent makes South America one of the richest in culture .


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Wherever destiny takes me………..

After graduation my sister and I made a promise that we would  travel the world as a retreat for all our effort. In this blog you will be able to find all the main destinations in our bucket list. I will be writing for five weeks and enriched you with places that I feel interest with,places that tell stories or simply  places that will catch my eye and attention. I will be showing you the most amazing pictures that will help you and me  choose our next destination. The main purpose after visiting each country is to enrich my mind and  soul with the experience . I want to learn about their culture and become part of it. This blog will explain how each place will change my life; my goal is to reach at least ten countries within the next five years  so lets the journey begin. Lets keep in mind that after graduation our budget is very low so we gotta find the most inexpensive but good quality and adventurous choices.  Lets get some ideas…..

Continents  I want to visit :

– South America

– Europe

– Asia


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