Argentina can we call them Latinos???

August 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

The only thing I associate Argentina with is Tango. If you don’t know what tango is then here it goes. The most popular and elegant dance which is very typical in this country . To be completely honest with you  I was not very interested to visit Argentina until I figure than from other Latin America countries they do want to make a distinction and they have a peculiar culture completely different that the other countries. The dominant population in Argentina are from European countries. The question is if this really makes a different of how the world see Argentina and the other countries in South America.

Capital: Buenos Aires

Official Language: Spanish

Currency: Peso

Population: 40,091,359

Total Land: 2,766,890 km2

I found a very interesting article which honestly I found a little offensive to the other latin American countries. The name of the article is” Republic of Argentina: Argentina is the envy of other Latin countries.”

In this article is very amazing how much they distinguished that poverty has not hit Argentina and they found a relation due to the higher European population. In my personal opinion coming from a Latin country I have to envy for Argentina. In contrary  , I feel very happy that a country in South America is succeeding and leading in the economic aspect. however, i strongly believe that with an article this gives Argentine a very bad image towards its neighbor countries. On the other hand in another article , ” no racism in Argentina,” they mention that they cannot racism in a country where 97% of its population is white which in context is true. however, in my opinion because the biggest population is European there is higher level of racism toward the different races in Argentina and the other countries around Latin America.


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