Last Stop in Brazil Iguazu Falls

August 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

The Iguazu falls is a place that would not miss for anything in the world. Just by looking at the pictures we can tell how wonderful they are. The name of the falls comes from the Guaraní word for “great water.” This beauty lies on the border of Brazil and Argentina . Over 2 miles and Over 275 cascades lies down in the Iguazu Falls . As other beauties in the world such Galapagos the Iguazu waterfalls are all the result of volcanic eruption that left a cracked open the earth.

From the Brazilian Side you can explore and have a better view of the biggest cascade which  is the Devils throat . However two-thirds of the falls lay down on the Argentina side. It is recommended to visit the fall during the spring and fall since the summer could to hot and humid and the winter will keep the waters to low and you wont be able appreciate the total beauty of the se natural ecosystem.

Brazil offer helicopters tours where we can explore this overwhelming piece of   nature . On the other hand Argentina offers catwalk through some of the cascades. As far in my research of all the places I want to go this look one of the most amazing ones. I have never seen nothing like this and this is just pictures a videos I can’t imagine how beautiful it could be when I get to see this creation right in front of and I’ll be able to hear the noise and smell the water and have an amazing adventure in my last in Brazil.


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