Beaches in Chile

August 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

As mention in my introduction of Chile one of the most famous in Chile is Vina del Mar some people called it the ” Garden City,”because of the beautiful and unique flowers and garden around the city . It is  a very famous beach in the country and probably the top destination for a relaxing vacation . You will be able to find all type of luxurious properties even the President house. Vina is known as the main resort of South America where it population is about 300,00 people .  It is located 74 miles from Santiago the capital. It easy to get there by busses or car . Unfortunately , Vina suffer a lot from earthquakes on 1906 the city suffer from one of the biggest damages where the government had to restructure its architecture. The last earthquake on 2010 created big damages in the city changing some of the museum that are close for restoration. The Vina Festival is one the most popular festivities in Chile and of course it takes place in this amazing beach at the end of February to close the summer season.

Further along another beach well-known  in Chile is Valparaiso known also as ” Jewel of the Pacific,” or by some international sailors as the “Small San Francisco,” this city is full of historic ports.  Valparaiso soon became a stopover for ships to travel from the Pacific Ocean to The Atlantic, now a days  also one of the most important ports in the world . Valparaiso was declared World Heritage Site in 2003 because of its historical importance , natural beauty and unique architecture, unforgettable hills side  ,and it bohemian charm.


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