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I know very few things about Chile. I have met very few people from this country and  I have heard few stories from Chile from my mother who actually visited I do recall about the parties in Vina del Mar which sound very fun and sophisticated . I am very curious about this country since there not much said but I bet there is hidden surprises which will discover in this research.

Capital : Santiago

Population : 16,746,491

Land: 289,112 sq mi

Currency: 289,112 sq mi

Chile is described for a country where you can find all type of nature destinations . One of the most astonishing attraction of Chile is the variety of the Andes mountain that cover the at least fifty active volcanic peaks .  To the north you will be able to find the most arid desert of the world. In comparison to other countries Chile is also dominated by the European culture. On the other hand compare to Argentina there is also a similar amount of population of the indigenous. Despite other countries most of the population is well-educated , and consider middle class. This country because of the spanish heritage where religion is very important, Chile  is a roman catholic country.  In 1973  a dictatorial regimen government was led by Augusto Pinochet which ruled until a free elected president on 1990. An unexpected growth happen right after Pinochet dictatorship between 1191 and 1997 . The was slow growth between 1997 and 199 and recover completely on 200 . Now on Chile is one of the most stable countries in South America where most  of their population has a very stable economic situation.


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