Beaches in Chile

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As mention in my introduction of Chile one of the most famous in Chile is Vina del Mar some people called it the ” Garden City,”because of the beautiful and unique flowers and garden around the city . It is  a very famous beach in the country and probably the top destination for a relaxing vacation . You will be able to find all type of luxurious properties even the President house. Vina is known as the main resort of South America where it population is about 300,00 people .  It is located 74 miles from Santiago the capital. It easy to get there by busses or car . Unfortunately , Vina suffer a lot from earthquakes on 1906 the city suffer from one of the biggest damages where the government had to restructure its architecture. The last earthquake on 2010 created big damages in the city changing some of the museum that are close for restoration. The Vina Festival is one the most popular festivities in Chile and of course it takes place in this amazing beach at the end of February to close the summer season.

Further along another beach well-known  in Chile is Valparaiso known also as ” Jewel of the Pacific,” or by some international sailors as the “Small San Francisco,” this city is full of historic ports.  Valparaiso soon became a stopover for ships to travel from the Pacific Ocean to The Atlantic, now a days  also one of the most important ports in the world . Valparaiso was declared World Heritage Site in 2003 because of its historical importance , natural beauty and unique architecture, unforgettable hills side  ,and it bohemian charm.



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I know very few things about Chile. I have met very few people from this country and  I have heard few stories from Chile from my mother who actually visited I do recall about the parties in Vina del Mar which sound very fun and sophisticated . I am very curious about this country since there not much said but I bet there is hidden surprises which will discover in this research.

Capital : Santiago

Population : 16,746,491

Land: 289,112 sq mi

Currency: 289,112 sq mi

Chile is described for a country where you can find all type of nature destinations . One of the most astonishing attraction of Chile is the variety of the Andes mountain that cover the at least fifty active volcanic peaks .  To the north you will be able to find the most arid desert of the world. In comparison to other countries Chile is also dominated by the European culture. On the other hand compare to Argentina there is also a similar amount of population of the indigenous. Despite other countries most of the population is well-educated , and consider middle class. This country because of the spanish heritage where religion is very important, Chile  is a roman catholic country.  In 1973  a dictatorial regimen government was led by Augusto Pinochet which ruled until a free elected president on 1990. An unexpected growth happen right after Pinochet dictatorship between 1191 and 1997 . The was slow growth between 1997 and 199 and recover completely on 200 . Now on Chile is one of the most stable countries in South America where most  of their population has a very stable economic situation.

Last stop in Argentina – La Patagonia

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La Patagonia or also know as ” La Tierra de Fuego.” The land of  La Patagonia was habituated by indian 10, 00 years ago. They said tha European discover this land on 1520 . It’s also mention that you can still find fossils, painting and more in the caverns of the land. I always have wonder where the weird name of La Patagonia comes from . The story also say that most of the historians have name this land because of the giant size of the natives however there is also the theory that Fernando de Magallanes was inspired by a novel he was reading names , ”  Primaleón,” where the main character was a Patagón giant.

This beautiful Lands are shared by two countries , cover 300,00 miles which nearly the third part of the country   Argentina and in the other side cover 340,00 km 2 which literally is half of the country of  Chile. La Patagonia is right and the bottom of South America in the Atlantic ocean and is the closest point to the Antarctica. The best season to visit la Patagonia is on summer which run between December and March. At this beautiful land full of relaxation there is so many things to do. You will be able to find the most breathtaking views right at the end of the world.  One of the activities that you might experience is fishing because of the great number of fishes is the area.  There is an amazing fauna and flora that you will be able to found from penguins , whales and dolphins and mountains and lakes mix to make this place just amazing.  There is one place you can  not miss in your trip to South America which is right at the end of the world.

Tango in Buenos Aires

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The capital of the Argentina also the largest city in the country, its located right in front Rio de Plata. In contrary  from the other countries, Buenos Aires-Argentina is described as a very elegant and sophisticated country. As mention before the country’s  culture is influence by the Spanish and Italian  culture, its love by tourist because of its European flavor. The city of glamour and tango ,  long days with a cup of coffee and soccer discussions. This things are essential for the Argentinian culture. Buenos Aires is known as the Paris of South America where exquisite architecture , delicious food and fashionable shopping .

One of the most popular things in Buenos Aires and Argentina is the famous dance known internationally as  Tango . The first thing I will do when I get to spent time is this elegant city.

There is one thing that you cannot miss if you visit Argentina, La Boca. La Boca is one of the most popular neighborhood is Argentina , very colorful and unique in the streets of Buenos Aires. It was settled by  Italian immigrants. Stories says that tango was born in this neighborhood. In addition, you can find the stadium of Boca for the Argentinian population one of the most important things in the world. Every Sunday soccer fans attend to soccer matches, some people says that is not safe however in my point fo view I think soccer matches as any other in different countries as well as in Ecuador is a unique and exiting  experience.

Argentina can we call them Latinos???

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The only thing I associate Argentina with is Tango. If you don’t know what tango is then here it goes. The most popular and elegant dance which is very typical in this country . To be completely honest with you  I was not very interested to visit Argentina until I figure than from other Latin America countries they do want to make a distinction and they have a peculiar culture completely different that the other countries. The dominant population in Argentina are from European countries. The question is if this really makes a different of how the world see Argentina and the other countries in South America.

Capital: Buenos Aires

Official Language: Spanish

Currency: Peso

Population: 40,091,359

Total Land: 2,766,890 km2

I found a very interesting article which honestly I found a little offensive to the other latin American countries. The name of the article is” Republic of Argentina: Argentina is the envy of other Latin countries.”

In this article is very amazing how much they distinguished that poverty has not hit Argentina and they found a relation due to the higher European population. In my personal opinion coming from a Latin country I have to envy for Argentina. In contrary  , I feel very happy that a country in South America is succeeding and leading in the economic aspect. however, i strongly believe that with an article this gives Argentine a very bad image towards its neighbor countries. On the other hand in another article , ” no racism in Argentina,” they mention that they cannot racism in a country where 97% of its population is white which in context is true. however, in my opinion because the biggest population is European there is higher level of racism toward the different races in Argentina and the other countries around Latin America.

Last Stop in Brazil Iguazu Falls

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The Iguazu falls is a place that would not miss for anything in the world. Just by looking at the pictures we can tell how wonderful they are. The name of the falls comes from the Guaraní word for “great water.” This beauty lies on the border of Brazil and Argentina . Over 2 miles and Over 275 cascades lies down in the Iguazu Falls . As other beauties in the world such Galapagos the Iguazu waterfalls are all the result of volcanic eruption that left a cracked open the earth.

From the Brazilian Side you can explore and have a better view of the biggest cascade which  is the Devils throat . However two-thirds of the falls lay down on the Argentina side. It is recommended to visit the fall during the spring and fall since the summer could to hot and humid and the winter will keep the waters to low and you wont be able appreciate the total beauty of the se natural ecosystem.

Brazil offer helicopters tours where we can explore this overwhelming piece of   nature . On the other hand Argentina offers catwalk through some of the cascades. As far in my research of all the places I want to go this look one of the most amazing ones. I have never seen nothing like this and this is just pictures a videos I can’t imagine how beautiful it could be when I get to see this creation right in front of and I’ll be able to hear the noise and smell the water and have an amazing adventure in my last in Brazil.

World Cup 2014 – Brazil

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If you are soccer lover you would not miss this big event . I had the pleasure to say that this one of the main reason why I would love to visit Brazil besides the amazing places food and culture to know. As i mention before Brazil has been six-time champion of the World Cup and which can place can be better but Brazil to hold the Next World Cup. The last world cup held in Brazil about sixty-four years ago and know in less than four-year this event will exiting the crowds.  This events takes a whole month from June twelve to July thirteen  to where people from the entire world either would travel to Brazil or watch every game through their television. I might say I will be one of the travelers this time I wont be watching the games through my TV . I will be there living the soccer emotion. Within the country  seventeen cities would like to participate in this tournament cities like : Sau Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Brasilia, Belem, Campo Grande, Cuiaba, Curitiba among others.

However, the FIFA has limit the tournament to take place in twelve cities  where no more than one city can share two stadiums. In order to have a succesful tournament there must major renovation to the stadiums . There is an estimate of 1.9 millon on renovation and remodelation not counting the upgrade technology need it as well and some major infrastructure within the cities chosen for tourist and visitors .

If you like more information about the World Cup 2014 check out the following page:

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